Wednesday, 16 June 2010

"I am just going outside and may be some time".

Being at times, humiliated by a country who feeds its children gargantuan amounts of food and names them things like Chuck, Eugene and Bub, is the equivalent to being beaten to the South Pole by a Norwegian.

Terry, Lampard and the rest of the London council estate scrubbers posing as England footballers should do the decent thing like a true Englishman- take the example of Captain Oates on Scott's fateful mission to the Antarctic and walk into the equivalent of a snowstorm citing 'they may be some time...' and are never seen or heard from again.

Walking into district 6, Cape Town with PW Botha masks on would be a fitting contextual equivalent or walking into some friendly fire from the US in Afghanistan would also suffice....

Oates: True Englishman, standing for the Great British values of humility, bravery and self-sacrifice in a moment of true shameful embarrassment.
Terry: Scrubber, standing for modern British values of arrogance, lethargy and cowardice in an equally monumental moment of shameful national embarrassment. And the cause of my sore throat on Sunday 13th June 2010.
District 6: modern "snowstorm"
Botha: Sexier than Terry?


  1. Surely we are going to do better against Algeria! We have to. In my opinion, Robert Green has never been good enough anyway. Young Joe Hart's yer man. Shame he hadn't been properly blooded before the tournament began. Look at Spain's result against the Swiss Cuckoo Clocks! That makes our USA result seem fine. ENGER-LAND! ENGER-LAND! (If you can hear the chant above the sound of those bloody vuvuzwelas!)

  2. Well, I'll be there tonight/tomorrow morning at 1:30 am to cheer us against the filthy Algerians...

    Everybody's a scrubber or filthy- I think I've got cleanliness issues...