Saturday, 30 October 2010

Although based on real events, names of participants have been changed to protect their identities

A few months ago, the other half and I made the blog 'invite only'. This wasn't because we wanted some kind of private club (we are painfully aware that only our friends, and the friends with too much time on their hands at that, are the only ones to read what we write) but because our privacy had been infringed.

I can see you laughing back there. And you rolling your eyes thinking "Who does she thinks she is? Last time I looked, she wasn't Madonna". However, when you are a teacher you are not the same person in front of the kids as you are at home. The kids do not know about J's filthy jokes or what I was like as a student. They don't need to. But you all do. As our friends and family, you already know what we're like. As for any strangers who have stumbled across this blog, I'm assuming you don't really care but quite like what we've written about different countries. The kids however...well, that's quite a different story. In school, I am Ms D***** and the old bean is Mr J*******. We do not have a private life. Some of the kids don't even know we're married. That is how I wanted it to stay.

But a malevolent force with special powers (and a charming range in trucker tatts) found this place we call a drop-off for our musings and showed it, during a lesson to the kids. Who then said they'd look us up at home. I didn't want that. Why should I want that? It's not like J and I actually DO anything offensive but I still don't really want the kids to see me with a glass of wine (or 3) in hand in my civvies.

So, we made the blog private. Then we just stopped writing on in altogether. But, we like to write. Writing in a diary isn't quite the same because no one (hopefully) will read it. And let's be honest, there's a little bit of a show-off in all of us. As kids we showed our paintings to our parents, as teenagers our piercings or new cds off to our friends. In this new fandangled age, we show off our thoughts and opinions on a blog.
So here we are again, except this time we've changed the web address and the name and erased our names. If you want to leave us a comment, call us D or J or 'the clever one' and 'her husband'. Only messing! Honest.

We're not coming home just yet and so call this is a way of us all communicating. Aside from email. And Facebook. And Skype. And Twitter.
See you soon x