Saturday, 4 April 2009

Stage One Complete...

'When teachers stalked crumbling corridors in pin-stripe suits dishing out skills, sense and bloodymindedness'

Well that's it. The end. Finished. Yesterday was the last day I'll probably set foot in an English school in a professional capacity.
A little melodramatic, well perhaps but that's what being a teacher does to you.

'Children learning important skills for the future of England...

Seemingly everyone in the future will be working in circuses and not have to read, write or add up at all.'

I could waffle on about children, society, senior leaders, the government, OFSTED etc, but what good does it do?

Instead it was a brief and humble leaving speech, some firm handshakes and a philosophical look at the future and hopefully an exciting and challenging road ahead- direct to Bangkok (actually via Qatar and nearly Tehran, but that's a different story!)

The flight is booked, the house will be clear (eventually) and the bus on the UK farewell tour will commence- coming to a town near you!

Still can't help feeling a bit sad about it all, but that's contrasted with the knowledge and wisdom given by many colleagues that I like and respect that we're doing the right thing and everyone it seems would swap places with us.

So stop analysing Bangkok Booths and get on with the rest of your lives...

'Behind the facade lies something altogether more sinister (and not in a cool horror way)'